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Gentlemen, start your engines! These high octane cats are guaranteed to get your motor running. Savannah cats are for someone who wants a cat thats a little different - exotic markings, and a touch of the wild in personality and appearance.

Derived from the African Serval and domestic cats, the Savannah is a high energy kitty, and depending on how much serval percentage, can be quite large, but even the later generations are quite exotic, although the size of a regular domestic cat. This makes the later generations an appropriate size for apartments, and those who aren't quite prepared for a cocker spaniel sized kitty on top of the fridge.

Savannahs are playful and adventurous, many taking well to walking on a leash, and love to go new places.

Savannah Cat 411

Size isn't Everything

Extremely Intelligent

Fun to Have Around

Loving and Loyal



Victory Savannah Cats

Low Places is the name of our savannah cattery, and also our ranch nestled at the foot of fabled Clinch Mountain in Northeast Tennessee. Our quiet, secluded valley is a few miles from historic Rogersville. We go to sleep at night to the sound of cicadas and bullfrogs, yet we are just over an hour from Knoxville, and a few hours drive from Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, or Richmond.

A Little History

The First Savannah Kitten was born on April 7th, 1986

The First Savannah Breed Standard - Written in 1996

The Savannah Cat Became a Championship Breed in 2012

Savannah Cats are the 4th Most Popular TICA Breed

The response of TICA Judges and the general public has been overwhelmingly favorable over the past few years, establishing Savannah Cats, with their elegant, exotic looks and interactive personalities, as one of the most sought after companion animals in the world today.